Monday, December 7, 2015

See the Space Station over the UK and Ireland in December

The International Space Station is back flying over the skies of the UK and Ireland this month. The station will be visible after sunset from Monday December 7 up until the evening of Friday December 18. 

Below are the times that the ISS will be visible over the UK and Ireland this December.

*Please note: The details provided above are for Cork, Ireland, so times and sightings will vary slightly depending on your location. Times courtesy of

How to see the space station?
If you're out looking for the space station and worried you might not be able to see it- don't worry- you literally can't miss it!

Traveling at a speed of approximately 5 miles a second at an altitude of around 250 miles above the Earth, the International Space Station orbits our planet every 92 minutes. It's the size of a football field with huge solar arrays to supply it with power. Sunlight reflecting off the arrays mean the station is visible from Earth during dawn and dusk, when skies are a bit darker for observers on the ground.
The International Space Station
credit: Wikipedia

You don't need any special equipment- just your eyes. All you are required to know is what time it will be passing over and where to look. It's that easy!

There's nothing like seeing the ISS for the first time! For me, the best thing about it is knowing that there are people living and working up there. Who knows? Maybe while you're looking up at them, one of the six astronauts and cosmonauts on board will be looking out the window at you!

Once you see the orbital complex for the first time, you'll find that you'll want to keep seeing it over and over again! So be sure to tell all your friends, family and neighbours to watch out for the space station flying overhead. There really is no other site quite like it!

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